Friday, March 26, 2010

That's not funny

A few days ago, OK, wait. A few weeks, maybe even over a month ago, my nephew who is a senior in high school, told us about an assignment his senior English class had. They all had to make a "memory book". Yeah, seniors in high school making memory books. They had to have pictures and "be creative". Now according to the teacher being creative doesn't have to be expensive. Yeah, right lady. How can you make anything creative without spending a lot of money?

Anyway, they had a set of chapters they had to include in their book and if they did not include something for every chapter they were in very real danger of getting a failing grade. Oh, and this particular memory book is worth 30% of their second semester grade! 30% of their grade on what amounts to busy work. For seniors. In high school.

Also a required element of this book was the epilogue. An epilogue which HAD to be titled......"If I had to live my life over again I would..." HELLO!! They are kids, how much life have they lived? And how much could they actually do over? They don't have a choice where they live or go to school or when they get to start driving or a lot of things. My nephew wrote his in a humourous way which I thought was very clever. I hope the teacher thought so too.

This book was due Thursday of this week. My nephew, like any true American teenage boy started his Wednesday about 6 pm. My sister, my mom and I all helped but he really did most of the work. I think it turned out really good and he said the teacher said that she wouldn't change a thing about it, so hopefully he got a good grade.

Speaking of my nephew...around home and around us, his extended family he is very quiet and very...not serious like boring serious but not very outgoing I guess you could say. Well, I guess at school he's totally different. So different in fact, that he was voted the funniest guy in the senior class. On the surface that's a good thing, right? But it makes me a little sad.

Why is he so different at school than he is at home? And which one is the real him? If the funny one is the real him then why can't he be his real self around us? Or is he using the funny to hide the real him around his friends?

I'm afraid to say that I think the funny is the real him and he's not his true self around us. :( I wish I knew how to change that.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I'm in funk. or I have a headache or both. I think it's a funk. Blah. BLAH!

A lily induced headache along with a certain adult male member of my family induced funk makes for a lot of BLAH.

No wait. I'm sick of this crap. I don't want to be in a funk because someone is a turd. Ha! crap..turd. yes, my inner 12 year old just giggled. Potty talk is always funny.

So sister is addicted to the laptop, I'm thinking. She is hovering around me like a vulture waiting for her chance to swoop in as soon as the laptop is left unattended for just a minute. Now she's giving me the side eye waiting for me to stop typing. Her latest thing is making cartoons. She's *gasp* running out of story ideas! She has been typing like a madwoman on the other computer writing stories. She's actually quite good in this momma's opinion. I want to get her stuff bound in to a book but she keeps writing and writing. I'm afraid I'll leave something out so I haven't done it yet.

But now she's shifted her creativity to writing and drawing cartoons on the computer. Something about a dog and it's owners. She thinks it's hilarious!! LOL She cracks her self right up sometimes :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

19 years

Wow, today is our anniversary. Dh and I have been married 19 years. We now have as many married years as unmarried years in our lives. Does that make sense? We were both 19 when we got married so we had 19 years of not being married and now we have 19 years of being married.

Sorry if that's a bit goofy. Dh got me some very very pretty flowers for our anniversary. They are Stargazer lilies my all time favorite, but MAN! are they strong. There are 6 open lilies and 12 buds! Wow, they are very powerful and I've got the tiniest bit of a headache from them. Don't tell dh, ok? But I think the headache is making me a little loopy.

Anyway, what I was trying to say is it's my anniversary!! And dh remembered! And life is good!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My lid was officially flipped

Last night I was making brother's bed after I washed his sheets. His room was such a mess, I totally lost it. There might have been some cussing. There might have been some yelling. There might be a cleaner room now.

Not my finest parenting moment that's for sure. Sigh.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The award goes to...

All my loyal readers might remember last year about this time I was freaking out because I had to give some awards at a banquet on behalf of my place of employment. That is so not my personality but I had told my boss I would do it. I went alone which totally sucked.

Well, the banquet for this year was tonight. Again, my boss asked if I would go in his place. What could I say? Of course I went, but this year I took my family. Dh and the kids all went with me. What a difference!! I still dreaded going and got a little nervous before my turn came but nothing like last year. I was not miserable sitting by myself eating dinner. I didn't feel like a total loser sitting alone.

I had my family with me and that made all the difference. So this year the award goes husband and kids! Thanks for going with me guys :)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Business trip

My boss and I are going on a two day trip to see some of our customers who are too far away to come to our office easily. It's no big deal, we've been before but for some reason this time I'm really sad about being gone. We are leaving Monday and will be home Wednesday so I'll be gone from home for only two nights. And we'll be going to a big casino one of those nights, I'm sure. Maybe I'll come home rich!! But still I'm dreading it for some reason. I don't want to go away, I want to stay home with my babies! and my hubby! Waaaaaaah!

I'm trying to look at the positives. I'll have a hotel room all to myself. I have books I can take and read. I can stop and buy myself some chocolate that I don't have to share. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chocolate.

But still, I would rather stay home.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Harder than dieting

I read an article recently recommending going 30 days without spending any money that wasn't absolutely necessary. It really caught my attention because I'm a big time impulse shopper. Big.time. I'm really bad about going to the store during my lunch hour and I seem to be genetically unable to just get what I went in the store to get. I send up spending at least $30 more than I need to.

Anyway...I decided to try it for a week. One week of not going to the store unless it's 100% necessary. It's been almost one week and I've only been to the store twice. The first time I had to get some stuff for work and I got that plus some cheese sticks for snacks. The second time Owen needed some glue sticks for school. I had $2 in my purse and a package of glue sticks cost $2. I walked right to the aisle, got the sticks and went right to the checkout. Yay me.

The one thing that is really helping is I've been bringing a book to read at lunch. I go to the park and read in my car. So I'm not bored looking for something to do, that helps a lot. I have to leave work at lunch, I can't stand being at work all day without leaving!

This feels good. It feels like I was in control of my money this week. I kind of like that feeling.

Wow, I really should check my blog more often

I just happened to see my bookmark for my blog yesterday. Apparently I'm the most boring person on the planet. Even I don't read my blog! I got some spam in a comment on my last post a few months ago and didn't even notice it til now. That's just sad.