Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still here

I know I haven't posted much lately but honestly, there's not been much to post. Life goes on. Even though it doesn't seem like it should, the sun still rises everyday and school is still there and work is still there.

I'm trying to keep busy so I've decided to relearn how to crochet. Not that I ever knew how to do much past the basics but I decided to try again. I think I'm getting it better this time around. I've made a few scarves for the kids and I made a stocking hat that's too small for my head. It's cute and pink so I think I might give it to my cousin's granddaughter that catches the school bus at my house everyday.

I'm now attempting to make a blanket/afghan. It's going ok so far but I'll probably get bored of it before I finish it. I have a tendency to do that. Start something and never finish it.

I've been having trouble falling asleep lately. It's usually around midnight before I can fall asleep. I know the most obvious problem is Wes is not there. We never were a cuddly couple. Don't touch me when I'm sleeping was pretty much both of our attitudes. :) A very firm line in the middle of the bed.....ok, it was more like he had 3/4 and I had the rest but that was ok. Now that I have the whole bed to myself it's hard. I miss his presence even if we didn't "fall asleep in each other's arms" like I've heard other couples talk about.

The other problem is I cannot stand to not have the tv on at night. I just can't be in the bedroom without it on at night. Hell, I am just now able to walk in to the bedroom and not turn the light on. If I'm going to be in there for more than the two steps it takes to get to the bathroom I will turn the light on. I just can't do it. So the tv stays on but turned all the way down. I know it's keeping me awake but that's just too bad. It stays on for now.

I thought about trying Melatonin but haven't done it yet. I know a friend of mine uses it and likes it. I should try it because I know I'm not getting enough sleep.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow day X 2

So I got an email from the national weather service about a winter storm that was forecast for Tuesday evening. It was full of stuff like "life threatening wind chills" and "major weather event" and "take this situation seriously, stock up on needed medication". Pretty obvious it was going to be bad.

I spent Sunday afternoon bringing firewood up to the house in case I had to light the fireplace if we lost power, cleaning out the barn so I could fit both the pick up and my car in it, moved the scoop shovel up to the porch in case I needed to dig us out, cleaning out the fireplace that still had ashes in it from last winter. Just trying to cover all my bases just in case it got as bad as they were predicting.

Of course the news and weather guys on tv were going crazy about the storm. But this particular channel always gets hopped up on the weather and go a little nuts so I wasn't sure what to believe. I figured the more prepared I was then maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

Yesterday I had to work late which really, really ticked me off. My boss decided at almost 5 that he needed to update and learn a new program. Of course I am the only one that works til 5 so I got to stay. It was about 5:45 before I got to leave work so it was full dark by the time I got to my parents to pick up the kids. I had planned on being home and all stuff put up by dark but it all worked out in the end. Even if I was really, really aggravated when I got home.

So Monday evening we (mostly the kids) eagerly anticipated the snow, checking every hour or so and being disappointed to see none. Even when we went to bed after 11 still no snow. Well, we got snow. And more snow. But mostly wind. Oh my god, the wind. Over 40 mph with gusts to close to 50. We were under a blizzard warning for most of the day. I've only seen a blizzard warning here one other time. And it was a blizzard. My sister lives about a quarter of a mile away and we couldn't even see her house most of the day. I would not have wanted to be out in that.

Thankfully my boss is great about stuff like that and he had already told us were were closed Tuesday and he called me today to say if my kids were out of school again Wednesday then our office would be closed too. They are out of school again but they are not very excited about their second snow day. It's too darn windy and dangerously cold so I won't let them go out. They are going stir crazy. Sorry but -15 wind chill= not going outside!

So we've got another snow day tomorrow to get through. Hopefully the wind will die down so they can at least go out for a little bit.