Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that are irritating me today.

1. Sister is still sick with the stomach bug she's had since Monday night.

2. Brother didn't have any clean jeans to wear to pre-school today. (my fault, forgot to do laundry)

3. Flat tire. GAAH!

4. Driving my mom's car. It's a fine car. A wonderful car, but it's not mine.

5. Brother is late for school due to flat tire.

6. My bank balance is lower than I was expecting.

7. My boss didn't sign my paycheck until after I got back from lunch.

8. The county was grading my road today. I had to drive on freshly graded road and I HATE that, I'm always worried I will get a flat tire, plus the stupid hump of dirt in the middle of the road.

9. My neighbor was checking on her cows today. She had her vehicle stopped in the middle of the road and didn't know I was behind her. I snuck around her....then she pulls over to the side.

10. I left my sunglasses in my car which is at my mom's house.

11. People who drive under the speed limit when the road is too curvy to pass.

12. Too much ketchup on my cheeseburger for lunch.

13. Paul Harvey's voice.

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It's done!! mostly

We decided when we bought this house that we didn't like the carpet in the dining room area. The floor plan is open from the living room to the dining room and it had carpet throughout with no real dividing line between the two spaces.

But with 2 kids and a messy mom who is always dropping and spilling stuff we just can't have carpet in the dining room. So a few weekends ago we decided to put in laminate flooring. And it's done! Except for finishing the carpet where we had to cut it. Someone dh works with is supposed to come out this weekend to finish that.

So without further ado here is the finished product.......

I think dh did a fantastic job, especially since he had never done this before. Of course he couldn't have done it without my superior standing skills. I had to stand on the boards as he put the next row in place to keep it from shifting, so basically it was all me. That's right, just call me if you need someone to stand on a board and I'll be there.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Life Lessons

Things I learned this past week:

1. If you are craving biscuits and gravy...go with your initial thought and use regular milk to make the gravy. Don't try the recipe on the box of sausage that calls for evaporated milk. (YUCK)

2. If you do decide to try the evaporated milk and find a can in your cabinet, always, always check the expiration date before pouring it in your perfect batch of grease/flour. If the evaporated milk is chunky coming out of the can and the date is 2 years past expiration....don't use it.

3. If you are standing in the bathroom putting extra rolls of toilet paper in the cabinet over the toilet always, always close the lid on the toilet first. Don't wait until you have dropped a brand new roll of toilet paper IN the toilet before deciding to close the lid.

4. If you find a super bargain on the Internet (thanks to Stefanie the bargain hunter!) make sure it's actually what you want. If you are needing a printer, make sure it's a printer, not a fax/phone/copier before you go ahead and order it.

5. Don't wait until your daughter is getting ready for school to determine she has NO clean underwear anywhere in the entire house. Maybe you might want to check the pantie situation the night before.

6. If there is ice in the forecast, you might want to go ahead and clear a spot in the barn to park your car or you will end up outside scraping ice off your car in the freezing wind and breaking your ice scraper in the process. Don't be stupid! You have a barn/shed to park in.....use it!

That is all. For now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm attempting to start teaching Brother how to write and how to hold a pencil in anticipation of him starting pre-K next school year. He's really interested and wants to do his "homework" when Sissy does hers.

So I went online and printed some worksheets, went to the store and bought him a binder and some pencils. We've been doing one or two sheets every evening and I can alreay see problems when he gets older! It's just tracing lines right now. We've done horizontal lines, slanted lines and vertical lines. But if he can't do it exactly right on the dot perfect everytime he has a mini meltdown! I have no idea where he gets that from? Maybe it's just his age? No one else in the family is a perfectionist like that, so I hope it's just a phase. Things might not go so well when he actually gets to school if he stays like that.

Please tell me it's a phase.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Angel of Mercy

So. Yesterday my co-worker and I decided to give blood at the local blood drive. I hadn't given blood for over 15 years as the last time I tried to give it was not such a great experience. I got super lighteaded, had to lay down (with my feet up!) and I think they even stopped the donation before my bag was full.

But I figured what the heck! I'm older and wiser now, I can handle this. So we went over our lunch hour to donate. We each got out lovely stickers saying "Be nice to me I gave blood today" as well as a first time donater sticker. She got a little pin but I didn't :( I think the lady just forgot to give me one...oh well, I'm sure I'll survive.

So we are reading the required information and it says if you are allergic to iodine to let them know. I'm so glad I actually read that as I'm allergic to betadine so they used an alternate disinfectant on me.

The helper lady that was giving me my mini-physical takes my pulse and says "Oh Kim! Your pulse is 110!!!" My pulse is always high but she was freaking out about it. She took my blood pressure and then my pulse again. Blood pressure was normal, pulse was 94. It was Ok but she was still worried.

So I finally get up on the chair to donate feeling very proud of my self for donating the gift of life. The nurse sticks the needle in my arm. Have you ever seen the needle they use for blood donation? It's about the size of a toothpick so the blood cells don't get broken. Yikes.

So again, I'm up there feeling the warm glow of my halo shining bright above my head for my generous donation of a pint of my life giving blood when the lady at the door says "Attention everyone Suzie Public* is getting her 11 gallon pin today" Applause follows this announcement and maybe even a cheer or two.

ELEVEN GALLONS of blood this lady has donated! You can give every 8 weeks so if I'm doing my math right it took her 13.5 years to give that much blood. Wow!

*Names have been changed due to the faulty memory of the storyteller