Friday, September 25, 2009


I've always said I wanted to travel back in time if I could. Any period of the past from medieval to Regency to the prairie days would be fine with me. I love to read historcial (mostly)romantical fiction. Amanda Quick, Julia London, Julia Quinn, Laura Ingalls Wilder are right up my alley. I can imagine myself in the time period living the life.

No running water? No problem! Plague? Bah! Strict social rules? Ha! Horses, wagons? Bring them on! I can handle them all with grace. Or so I thought until a few night ago when I had my epiphany if you will.

Brother and I had driven the 40 minute round trip to town to get some fast food (yes, I'm aware if I lived in the past there would be no whopper). This is when I realized what would be my downfall and prevent me from going back in time.

It wasn't the fast food, it's the dark, man! One thing about me is I, make that HATE the dark. I cannot stand a dark house, it's 100 watts for me all the way, baby. None of this one lamp on in the living room crap, all lights have to be on. I realized that if I was to go back to Regency England there would be no 100 watts for me, it would be candle light!!! UGH, I couldn't do it. Even if my handsome price was there to rescue me...hmmm, maybe I could go back just far enough to hook up with Thomas Edison. This is going to take some more thought.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fuzzy Caterpillars

I noticed tonight on the way home from work there were several fuzzy caterpillars crawling across the road. And as my granddad Frank used to say...that's a sign of a hard winter. So I guess we'd better get ready! Maybe I need to buy sister some long pants, I don't think she will want to wear shorts all winter long.

Of course none of her jeans from last winter fit so we need to go shopping soon. A cold front came through today and it's pretty chilly out compared to what it has been. The high tomorrow is only supposed to be 66...brrr!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

If Terri can do it, so can I

Lately, I've been thinking of getting busy blogging again. So here I am!

Summer is winding down, we took the pool down today. And by we, I mean dh did 99.99% of the work and I came in at the absolute last minute and "helped" which seems to be our regular MO.

I've been picking a ton of tomatoes out of the garden. I made some fresh salsa Saturday night using our tomatoes, green peppers and jalapenos. Oh my heck it was so hot!! I had to add some sugar and a couple more tomatoes to try to cut the heat. It's still hot but now you can actually eat it without fire coming out of your mouth. It was nice to make something using our homegrown produce.

Anyway, I guess I'm back to blogging. The internets can breath easy again.