Thursday, October 23, 2008


Wow, I haven't blogged since...what sometime in July? I just have felt it lately. There are tons of things I could have written about:

Summer vacation! (awesome)

Sister turning 10! (unbelievable *sniff, sniff)

Me turning 37! (woah)

Brother turning 5! (again, baby is 5!)

Dh turning 37! (again, woah)

School starting! (I have a 5th grader and a Pre-K'er)

Strep invading my house and almost resfuing to leave! (f*cker)

County fair! (ribbons for me and sister)

Sister joining 4-H! (She's excited, I'm confused)

Sister getting two parakeets! (Snowball is white, Tweety is green/yellow)

Brother's amazing progress in school! (He's an awesome counter...all the way to 30 sometimes)

Sister's 5th grade stress! (Mostly of her own making, but she's doing great. She's getting a B in math, woot!)

Other assorted mundane everyday stuff in the Happy Town household, but who wants to hear about all that? Anywhoo....trying to get my blog mojo back. We'll see I guess. I know all the interweb has been waiting impatiently for an update! LOL