Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Get along little doggie

This here's the rootin'est, tootin'est, meanest varmit in the west. If you happen to see him be careful!!! He's armed and could be dangerous.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Would he miss me?

Sometimes I wonder. If I was gone would he miss me?

Not the me who takes care of the kids, buys the groceries, goes to the bank, pays the bills.

But what about the me who asks for foot rubs I never get, the me who takes 3 hours baths Saturday night, who spends too much time in the bathroom, the me who rubs his back when I walk by, who asks how his day was.

I know he would miss the first me, but what about the second me? Lately, I really don't know if he would miss me at all.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

A mom, a broom and a song

A few days ago my Happy Town family went down to the local mega home improvement warehouse. My daughter spawn and I were looking at brooms and our son spawn and the husband were looking at lumber.

As I was checking each broom, imagining sweeping my beautiful with each one, deciding which bristles were the softest and least likely to scratch my beautiful new floor IT happened.

It, you ask? The speakers that were pumping in easy listening music to buy your shingles by came one with THE SONG. The perfect song. "My Girl". I was with my girl.

Yes, you can guess what happened next. A mom and her tween daughter. A broom and a song. My lovely daughter, my love, MY GIRL got a serenade from her mom in the middle of the broom isle. And she couldn't have been more embarrassed if I tried. I admit I got a strange look or two from the young mother on the other end of the isle, but heck, she only had a tiny baby. She'll get it in about 9 years when she's in the broom isle and "My Girl" comes on.

What is a mom to do? It's like an unwritten mom HAVE to embarrass you kids, right???

Nothing you can do cuz I'm stuck like glue to my girl, nothing you can say can tear me away from my GIRRRRRRRRRLLLL, my girl.

Aw, fun times!! I hope it's a memory she can pull out and laugh about when she's grown and I'm old and gray. I hope I can look back and laugh when I'm old and gray, I hope I never forget all the fun times I have with My Girl.