Tuesday, January 30, 2007


We survived! We made it back home Sunday about 6 pm. It's good to be home but dang that week flew by. I took about 160 pictures and I still wish I'd taken more.

Hawaii was awesome and beautiful but also kind of sad to me. When you think of how the islands used to be and how the "white man" came and basically destroyed the way of life there and turned it into a tourist trap now it just makes me sad.

But I'm glad we got to go and see the sights. We went to a luau which was awesome, I even got on stage with about 80 other people and got a hula lesson! LOL Good thing we didn't have to wear grass skirts, no one wants to see this fat girl dancing!!! We each got 4 free drink coupons and I thought no way would we use them all, but guess what? WE DID!

I think I drank more this last week than I did in my entire life. One night Husband and I got drunk and sat on the balcony of our hotel and smoked cigars LOL It was so fun! Something we never get to do at home. Something we would never do at home.

I'll have to try to post some of our pictures one of these days. Everywhere you looked was another beautiful view to take a picture of.

Our flight home was a killer though. The flight was mostly turbulance from Honolulu to Los Angeles so no sleep for me. We ended up being up for about 36 hours with no sleep by the time we got home, got the kids from my parents and got to bed. Needless to say we both called in work the next day. I'm still tired.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The "Everything's OK Alarm"

We had an ice storm here in Oklahoma this weekend. It was way worse south and east of me, we only got about 2 inches of sleet and just a glazing of ice.

Yes, I realize it is bad to the people directly affected by the ice, we had a major ice storm here in 2002. We were out of power about 2 weeks and my parents for almost 3 weeks. It sucked. Big time. BIG TIME.

But for crying out loud! The television station had reporters outside practically 24/7 covering ICE STORM 2007

Yes, Mike, the sleet is really coming down out here. It really is painful when it hits you in the eye. Yes it's about 10 degrees with a windchill of 1. Not much traffic out today. Stay home if you don't need to be out. That's it for now, back to you Mike.

Repeat every 5 minutes or so around the clock. How about keeping your reporters in and off the streets like you are advising the rest of us to do Mike? How bout it? Do we really need to know the video stores and liquor stores are busy today? And the grocery stores are low on bread, really?

I think last I heard about 90,000 people were out of power in the south east part of the state. Hopefully they can get it back on soon. It's cold! 19 degrees (F) with a wind chill of 5 degrees (F) here today!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Weird things I've seen lately

A week or so ago I was pulling in to McDonald's (no that's not the weird part!) and noticed a Game Ranger's pickup sitting there. In the pickup was a bald eagle. Just sitting there in the seat. Waiting for the ranger to get done eating and come out to the truck. Sitting looking out the window. No cage no nothing. weird.

Day before yesterday I was driving home, turned off the highway on to the road I take home. I have about 5 miles of dirt roads to drive on after turning off the highway. Anyway in the first mile for about 1/2 a mile it looked like bananas scattered over the road. What? Why are there bananas on the road? Did someone have a grocery mishap?

Well, yesterday I figured out it wasn't bananas it was ears of corn. That makes more sense! There was a field of corn grown on that road. Someone must have been working the ground and picked up some corn on their equipment and it got scattered on the road as they left the field.

So we are all bracing for a winter storm here this weekend. Terri I think your storm is coming our way. We are going to be getting freezing rain with a 1/2 to an inch of ice possible. Not fun. At least it's coming on the weekend. We had a huge ice storm here about 5 years ago and we out of power for about 2 weeks or more. We have a generator but it was still pain. Hopefully it's not that bad this time!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Guess who's back....

Back again. Guess who's back, tell a friend. Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back.........

Ok sorry got a little distracted doing my emimen impression! LOL

Happy Kim is back. No time to post too much, sneaking this in a work (shhhhhhhhhhh!) but I'm feeling much better than last time I posted. Thanks for the hugs and chocolate, just what I needed.

Friday, January 05, 2007


That's how I feel today. Just blah. It's a grey, rainy day today and it fits my mood perfectly. I hate being broke all the time, I hate working everyday and nothing to show for it. I need someone to manage my money for me because we are sure not doing a very good job of it.

I was in a bad mood last night and didn't want to go to bed for some reason so I stayed up til almost 1 reading so that's not helping my mood any. I'm so tired! I was almost 30 mintues late for work today and of course when I get here no one else is here, so the office was not open when it should have been. But I really can't bring myself to care that much.

Thank goodness it's Friday. I don't think I could make it another day if I had to come to work tomorrow too.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Oh my! The Fiesta Bowl between Oklahoma and Boise State will surely go down as one of the best college football games ever!

Tension. Interceptions. Trick plays. Two point conversions. Fumbles. Penalties. Last minute drives. Overtime.

Man! That game had it all baby. It was worth staying up til after midnight to see it through. Wow! I really think no matter who you were rooting for you can't deny it was a great game. Just how bowl games are meant to be, not a one-sided blow out like a lot of them are. I hate games that are blow outs even if my team is the one that wins.

Yes, I'm from the Sooner state, but I'm no Sooner. I was rooting for Boise State to win. Go Broncos!!

Of course if Boise had been playing Oklahoma State it would have been a different story. Go Pokes!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! Do anything exciting? We had a quiet night at home as usual. Stayed up til midnight, drank some Smirnoff Triple Black, got a lot tipsy, kissed dh and went to bed. Woohoo, am I exciting or what?!

Today is a lazy day. Husband and I are both off work today, so we are just bumming around the house. I'm trying to get up the energy to actually get dressed (in my sweats now) and go to the store and pick up a few essentials. Yes, I'm fully aware it's 3:00 and I'm not dressed! That's why you must always, always call before coming over. You wouldn't want to see me now, it's not a pretty picture.

We cooked a pork tenderloin for lunch. OMG it was sooooo good. Sister and I sounded like Rachael Ray eating it. Mmmmmmmmm, oooooooo,mmmmmmmmm so good! LOL

Oh well, off to shower and make my self beautiful. Who am I kidding? I can't possibly improve on my natural beauty, it's kind of like trying to improve the Mona Lisa......can't be done!