Friday, June 25, 2010

Follow up

Well, Father's Day came and went. I didn't do anything spectacular, quite the opposite actually. I did tell him Happy Father's Day and eventually made him some breakfast burritos for supper. The kids signed a card that M had picked out and that was that.

In honor of Father's Day (only almost a week late) here is one of my very favorite pictures of him and O. I also have a favorite of him and M but in her babyhood we didn't have a digital camera so just imagine a new daddy gazing lovingly in to his baby daughters face. ♥♥

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That's the golden rule, right? I'm having a hard time with this lately. It's turning in to do unto others have they have done to you.

On Mother's Day my entire family blew me off. I got a half hearted happy mother's day. I'm having a hard time even trying to want to do anything for dh this Father's Day. It's in a few days and I really haven't even put any effort in to thinking of what to get dh. I try to treat him how I want to be treated but I swear sometimes it's an effort. But I really don't want to fall in to that rut. I think that's a dangerous path to get on in a marriage, pretty soon you both end up treating each other like crap.

So I'll just keep on keeping on...fake it 'til I make it. I'm sure I'll end up doing something for Father's Day and it will be fantastic and he will love it. Or not.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Well, the day I've been dreading for about 5 years has finally happened. The people who own the land across the road from us have started building their house. WHY?????

Why do they have to build by us? They have an entire mile and hundreds of acres to choose from but yet, they decide to build across the road from us.

If I wanted to have neighbors I'd live in fricking town. God, this really pisses me off and I just want to lay down and scream and kick and throw a huge tantrum.

I'm trying to find some positive thoughts about it and the only one I can come up with is at least we know they are nice, normal people. Not meth heads that we would need to be scared of. And they are older but still young enough to live there for probably a long time so they won't be selling to anyone any time soon.

But still!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaah. I don't like this, not one bit.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Photo

Here's one I haven't done for a long time. Friday Photo!! This is the view basically from my front door. This was taken a year or so ago but it's the same really. Maybe a little more green in this picutre as it looks like it was after a rain.