Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winter is in the air

It's starting to feel like winter around here. It's been colder here the last few days, we've even had to light the fire place. When we bought this house we were both wishing it didn't have a fireplace, we never thought we would use it. But with propane getting up to $2.00 a gallon it's been a lifesaver! Dh had to go buy a new chainsaw this year and a log splitter. Yes, he HAD to LOL.

Never fear, he only cuts on dead trees! He hasn't had to cut any live trees down yet. I think he's been able to find enough trees on my dad's land so far. Dad has land with a creek running through it so lots of trees for around here. I'm sure to someone who lives somewhere other than the prairie it probably seems like we don't have trees, just shrubs LOL

What was I talking about???? Oh yeah, winter coming.

The time change has made it seem like winter too. It's pitch dark at 6:00 pm. I hate that part of it but when it's cold and dark it puts me in the mood to Christmas shop. I've actually started, I've got 2 gifts per kid. I'm not telling you what they are since I think sis knows the name of this blog and if I said what I got it would be the one time she would look! :)